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Recorded Webinars/Training Sessions

The links below will take you to recorded webinars/training sessions, endorsed by the Board.


This webinar was delivered by Kathy Kelly ICB Berkshire West Designate for Safeguarding Adults and Prof Keith Brown Chair of the Berkshire West Safeguarding Adults Board and Edd Bartlett MCA Lead Professional on 11th June 2024. It was created and credit to Wokingham LA Rebecca Berry and Suzanne Rhodes Adult Safeguarding Quality and Development Manager and Suzanne Rhodes DOLS Manager. The session was delivered in response a Tina SAR Recommendation:  The safeguarding adult board to request assurances that all partner agencies are trained in applying the Mental Capacity Act 2005 and completing formal Mental Capacity Assessments, specifically regarding decisional and executive capacity when working with self-neglect and alcohol use. Ensuring that local guidance and training is in place so that mental capacity assessments and reassessments are undertaken where appropriate and, in a manner consistent with the guidance set out in the Mental Capacity Act Code of Practice.

Click for: Webinar and copy of Presentation

A number of webinars were recorded during safeguarding adults week November 2023, these can be found here.

Here is a video about Hidden Harms, focusing on Domestic Abuse and Older People.

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Pauline SAR Learning Briefing – YouTube

A presentation from the Pauline SAR author, detailing the learning from this SAR.

Each Local Authority have produced a pre-recorded video describing how the MARM works in their organisations:



Webinar from Suzy Bray – Emerita of Social Work, University of Sussex and Independent Safeguarding Consultant aimed at the voluntary care sector.

Why do people self-neglect?, presented by Suzy Braye. The webinar provides information and guidance regarding the psychology of self-neglect and how to work with this.

Webinar on Hoarding, presented by Jo Cooke from Hoarding Disorders UK. The webinar provides guidance in order to work effectively with individuals who exhibit hoarding behaviours.

Webinar on Arson Awareness, from the Royal Berkshire Fire Rescue Service in November 2022. Cases of arson linked to domestic abuse are on the increase, this session will improve the knowledge of staff regarding this issue.

A webinar on Self-Neglect and Fire Risk, presented by Neil Whitemann from the Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service in November 2022. The webinar provides information and guidance of how to manage fire risk when working with individuals who may be at risk of fire at their homes due to hoarding behaviours.

Dewis Choice, presented by Rebecca Zerk. Dewis Choice is the first longitudinal prospective study globally to examine the decision-making processes of older victim-survivors as they seek help and access to justice. Dewis Choice has highlighted the diverse ‘lived experiences’ of 131 women and men aged 60 years and over who have experienced abuse from intimate partners and/or adult family members.

Webinar on Elder Abuse – Domestic Violence and older adults, presented by Isobel from Hourglass. The webinar informs the work which Hourglass are doing in working with older adults who are experiencing domestic abuse.

Webinar about Predatory Marriage, a powerful session from the personal experience of a daughter whose mother was the victim of predatory marriage.

Webinar on Coercive Control and links with fraud in families, presented by Professor Keith Brown, Independent Chair West of Berkshire Safeguarding Adults Board.

On the 18th October 2022, in response to the West of Berkshire Safeguarding Adults Partnership Boards Priority on Self-Neglect, the Boards Independent Chair Professor Keith Brown delivered a session on Self-Neglect and the Mental Capacity Act.

Practice note on Case of Steven in June 2022 the SAB held a bitesize learning session in regards to learning from this case, the recording can be found here.



In response to our 2021/22 priority in regards to pressure care management, Truly Pinkarchevski, Team Manager, Promoting Independence (Reablement and Sensory Needs) Reablement Team at West Berkshire Council, has produced this video.

A recorded presentation, summarises the learning from the Daniel SAR.